William Vandry BJJ 2015 second Community get together

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Thank you to all our community for our second Community get together.  Our celebration was for our new black belts, lower belts and to all of our students adult and children, family members and friends.  Thank you for the awesome pot luck food, supportive wives and girlfriends.  We look forward to our next event !

– William and Chandra Vandry


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William Vandry invited to speak at TSBVI Career fair

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William Vandry Seminar awards new ranks

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Seminar group photo

VBJJA first quarter Association seminar was a packed house, new black belts and ranks!  New awards for blue, purple and black belts were itched in Vandry BJJ history.


Seminar group photo


Certified and accredited BJJ Black belts: Mike Drabek, Jeff Anderson, Ed Aiken (1st degree), William Vandry (5th degree), Jesus Armas (st degree), Matt Serfoss (1st degree), Ian Haynes, Josh Travesio, Jesse Armas



Blue belts Chi Poon, Patrick Storer, Mitch  Vanover and Purple belts Mauricio Valdez, Max Vanover, and Jason Champion

VBJJA will hold its next Association weekend event in June.

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