If you are looking to contact William Vandry regarding the film Got Pain?, please be aware that we cannot offer nutritional advice by email.  We regret that due to the high volume of emails, we are unable to respond to every email. We appreciate your comments and stories, and while William does do nutritional consulting, it is an in-depth program, requiring many hours of research per client.  You can visit www.stjudesmiracleoil.com to find out more about our oil.  Thank you!

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All Martial arts academies receive questions regarding environment, training, learning, programs, community and instructor verification.


Each class is taught by an instructor that has taken classes for the Vandry BJJ curriculum and format of BJJ.  We have a set agenda for classes, techniques, belt protocols, development, and those are priorities for our academy.


Students are registered students from Vandry Association academies or schools.  Students in class are required to wear a gi (uniform), or long sleeve rash guard during No gi classes.

Drop ins or out of town students

BJJ schools are becoming more of an ‘open mat’ or ‘just wanna roll around’ format in different cities.  We are an academy.  Our classes and students are registered students under William Vandry Association and RCJ Machado.  Our classes are also classes and although we do have sparring rounds each class, if you are not a Vandry or RCJ registered student, our insurance requirements do not cover you.  We would suggest finding other clubs that charge for mat fees or are not a formal academy with format or class prerequisites.  Our open mat classes are on Fridays.  Those are for academy students or guests.

In the past we have received emails from students at other schools requesting to come to open mat aspiring for more sparring on a weekly basis.

These requests expected them to be free of any charge each week as they are open mats.  This type of expectation is offensive, disrespectful, and regards the school as a place to use only for their self serving agenda.  Our academy is for our students.  We suggest to consult with your instructor about his school, and developing more mat time or developing ideas with him or her.   Consider arranging for private lessons with your instructor.

If you are a student from out of town under our association or RCJ, please have your instructor contact our academy.  We have had many out of town students in the past we allowed to train at our school.  Unfortunately, many of them had broken off from their instructor or is now competing against their instructor who we may have an association with.  We do not conflict with other academies and their students.

Do not stop in with your gi in hand. Many out of towners stop in and ask to roll around. As in a past article, asking someone whats for dinner at their house is disrespectful. For those that contact us via email, please respectfully address the academy or Professor Vandry. In this modern age, emails that begin with: ‘Hey’, or ‘Whassup, looking for a place to roll’, or worse emails that express lack of any desire to learn, only their whims such as: “Just wanna see if the school fits my needs” the author should redirect his energy to learning and developing as a Marial artist.

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