Vandry BJJ Martial Arts Academy Staff

Our academy has the top trained staffers to teach martial arts, and are second to none in Texas on qualifications, experience and actual training before becoming an assistant or instructor.


Head instructor Professor William Vandry, 6th degree Black belt BJJ

Professor William Vandry, head instructor at Vandry BJJ has trained in BJJ under the Machado brothers and namely Master Carlos Machado since 1995.  Vandry has tested, fulfilled requirements to teach as a certified instructor and Professor  in BJJ.  Vandry teaches BJJ and no gi grappling.  Vandry is the highest ranking BJJ Black belt in Central Texas and one of the highest ranking American BJJ Black belts in the world.

Assistant BJJ Instructors


Coaches: Ian Haynes, Michael Drabek, Jeff Anderson, Ben Williams

Children’s – Teen Class Instructors


 Coach Jonathan, Coach Lagmanson, Coach Jackson, Coach Skaff

Kickboxing Instructors

vbjjcoaches5 vbjjcoaches4IMG_3720IMG_3919

                 Coach Chandra, Coach Ian, Coach Lagmanson, Coach Jackson, Coach Clem (not in picture)


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