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Vandry Health and Martial arts Expos are clinics or seminars taught by two researchers, martial artists, and St Jude’s Miracle Oil® Co-inventors, William and Chandra Vandry.  The Expos teach workshops on Women’s martial arts, Jiu-jitsu and Leglocks, and a clinic called Got Pain? discussing nutrition, joints, inflammation, insomnia, migraines, foods, minerals, and many other points on health issues in today’s society ranging from the average person to the professional athlete.  The expo does not give medical advice.  On November 2014, the first Vandry Health and Martial arts Expo on Leglocks and the Got Pain? clinic were held in Dallas/Ft. Worth hosted by Professor Marcos Santos of RCJ Machado Dallas-Ft. Worth academy.  The second Vandry Health and Martial arts Expo was held in Austin, Texas at Vandry BJJ Academy September 18-19, 2015.  What’s in the Expo?  Here are the Expo’s schedule of classes:

1. Women’s Striking and Grappling

2. Leglocks: The Great equalizer!

3. Got Pain? clinic

1. Women’s Striking and Grappling

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expowomen expowomen2

The Expo has three clinics offered over two days.  If one day is scheduled or for times sake, the clinics are usually two.  The women’s clinic teaches fundamental drills on striking taught by striking coach Chandra Vandry, and grappling no gi portion taught by Professor William Vandry.  Chandra’s background is 6 years of training in striking classes and William is a 5th degree Black belt in BJJ.  The goal is to introduce women who do not participate on a constant basis in striking or grappling martial arts or for those who do train consistently a technical workout.  It is also designed to form a community of women in different cities.  An hour and of drills, exercise and fitness calories to burn!

2. Leglocks: The Great equalizer!

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 Leglocks are often ignored in BJJ, or techniques are outdated.  Basic ankle locks or heelhooks are the standard most are familiar with.  Counters and newer ideas are rare and Jiu-jitsu practitioners should work on their leglock developments.  Known as one of the top BJJ  black belts on leglocks, Professor William Vandry has developed ideas, concepts, theories and new techniques from all positions, along with counter attacks, escapes and counter escapes in the leglock game to add to Jiu-jitsu techniques of passing, sweeping, attacking strategies.  Vandry also authored the book Leglocks: The Great Equalizer! you can purchase at



2014 Leglock clinic Dallas Ft. Worth, Vandry teaching anklelock


2014 leglock clinic


2015 Professor Vandry, Professor Santos and Master Machado working the anklelock


2015 Leglock clinic

Two hours of fundamental, intermediate and advanced leglocks are taught.  Questions are addressed for  counters and escapes for the Jiu-jitsu practitioner.

3. Got Pain? clinic

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Got Pain? clinics were started by William and Chandra Vandry and taught in 2014 and 2015.  Both are researchers, and have spoke on different topics regarding pain statistics and research in the USA.  The Vandry’s have spoke to the Blind Veterans Association VFW in San Antonio, Texas, DFW residents, and Austin attendants on nutrition, and pain the elderly or military soldiers endure.  Chronic Pain is a topic the Vandry’s speak on, involving anyone from athletes, to your average person.  Lead speaker Chandra Vandry is an RN with a background in Neurology, and Allergy.

gotpain2014 (3)

Chandra and William Vandry speaking at 1st Got pain? expo DFW 2014.  Host Professor Marcos Santos to the right


2014 William and Chandra present a check for $500 to the Blind Veterans Association South Texas after speaking on blind disease and pain San Antonio


Chandra lecturing on basic diet at Got Pain? expo 2015 Austin


2015 Got Pain? clinic by Chandra gets a total ‘thumbs up’!

The Got pain? clinic is a detailed hour and a half clinic that educates the participants on medical journals references regarding nutrition, health, diet, pain, insomnia, migraines and other topics.  Questions are discussed.

4. St Jude’s Miracle Oil®


The Vandry’s co-invented the product St Jude’s Miracle Oil®.  Miracle oil is a trade secret proprietary blend of 9 essential oils that has shown impressive results in anecdotal trials.  In 2011, William researched Pain, inflammation, tension and injuries.  A past student had a hip surgery and Vicodin (a combination opioid narcotic analgesic drug consisting of hydrocodone and paracetamol (acetaminophen) used to relieve moderate to severe pain.1) was not productive for pain.  Vandry researched non narcotic references on pain, and found PubMed and NCBI sources on essential oils.  The Vandry’s invented St. Judes Miracle Oil® in 2012. The Vandry’s won an international inventor’s award from the INPEX in Pennsylvania in 2012.



Inventor award 2012

It was not until 2013 that the product was officially launched as a product publicly after anecdotal trials.   In April 2013 their Miracle oil product was featured in Aromatherapy Magazine.

2013 Aromatherapy magazine on essential oils

November 2014 the Vandry’s held their first Got Pain? Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas to educate the public on pain, inflammation, and other topics above and September 2015 in Austin was the second.  Miracle oil was also discussed.  Some of the anecdotal information and testimonials by usage of the product are seen in some of the photos below from use of the Miracle oil product.


First photo immediate Black eye hematoma, second photo 32 hours later.  Expected normal duration from swelling of black eye from article is generally 7-10 days.1




First photo Grade lll ankle sprain swelling, second photo 7 days later.  Grade lll: severe sprain with gross joint instability and possible ligamentous rupture – usually results in severe pain with significant swelling and extensive bruising.  In cases where surgery is required, normally the patient is typically in therapy for 12 weeks to 6 months before return to play is allowed with most sports that require weight bearing.1




First photo Swollen knee contusion, second photo 15 minutes later.  A knee contusion usually results from a blow to or fall on the knee. The knee is particularly vulnerable to contusions.  According to Recovery from a knee contusion normally may take a few days or several weeks, depending on the severity of the injury and how it is managed.1



For more information on St. Judes Miracle Oil® go to, or to facebook. For questions on hosting expos or clinics email at [email protected]

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