VBJJA representatives seminar educate techniques, testing

July 14, 2012 – Professor William Vandry taught each of his representatives under the Vandry Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Association. The clinic taught format and curriculum to each representative on developing testinG formats for future white and blue belts as well as a self defense techniques test.

The VBJJA has reps in Texas, Arizona and Afghanistan. Each representative is able to promote his or her Martial arts academy class of BJJ. The seminar also develops a constant and updated education on future students, their technniques, and understanding white belt, blue belt and future belt testing. This also avoids illegitimate teaching or formats.

Professor Vandy expressed education in BJJ:

“Too often in today’s community, belts in BJJ or grappling are attributed to students simply attending a class or simple mat time. This standard does not encompass the martial artist from training, developing and learning techniques, physical ability to spar and the philosophical learning to spread, pass along to the newer students a friendly atmosphere to keep growing BJJ. I notice that a majority of schools have no formal format or testing standard of techniques. Training, wrestling seem to be the main gage. We have to develop for the modern community an educational development of martial arts and push the envelope each year. If a less than athletic student does not win while sparring in class, he or she still must have a testing standard. On the other hand, an athletic student who develops mat ability faster due to background in sports still must be tested technically. I look forward to keeping our standards.”