Machado Jiu-jitsu on William Vandry

World famous Machado brothers from Brazil are Vandry’s direct learning, training and development of Jiu-jitsu from white to 5th degree black belt. The highest level of peers to assess Vandry, these are their comments on him.
Master Carlos Machado of the world famous Machado brothers (8th degree Black belt BJJ) on William Vandry:

“It is no accident that Mr. Vandry is called “The Creation”! He has been innovative since the first month we started training together! One of the most technical black belts I have ever made!”

“Coming to Austin is like visiting home.  Thank you to my dear friend and loyal disciple William Vandry and his students for the wonderful time and experience while teaching at Vandry’s BJJ Academy.  It is refreshing when you find great talent and camaraderie and true friendship all at the same time and at the same place.  For those who missed this opportunity, make sure you be ready for next time….  There is no other place I would rather be in this beautiful town than Vandry’s Academy.  It is more than a school, but a family place.  Thank you all and look forward to our next time.  On another note, what a great honor to be present to witness and award first degree black belt to Ted Osborn and Ed Aiken and Jay Hume.  You guys are the cream of the crop and forever part of our Jiu Jitsu Family.  Thank you for your dedication and unwavering loyalty.  Thank you also to Jen and CJ for their incredible support,  success is a team effort, and the seminar could not have been without you guys.”

“Alright, I am in Austin, Texas, for an awesome seminar weekend at Vandry’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my favorite and only place to be in this wonderful city.  Thank you all for the support, and get ready for more secrets when tomorrow comes.  See you on the mat.”

 “William Vandry epitomizes the true meaning of Jiu Jitsu.  Through his humble, yet unequaled dedication, he has been able not only to reach an incredible level of mastery, but an even more remarkable ability to overcome obstacles.  As an educator, the quality of his students does the talk.  His example serves as inspiration to me.  After all these years in the martial arts, I can surely say my black belt William Vandry is one of the most amazing student and individual I have ever met!  I am honored to have him as a friend, and very proud of what he has become!”

“William Vandry is a black belt with superb skills and trick leg locks. William has competed in multiple Pan American tournaments, winning Gold and Silver medals. Even I have learned from the intricate game that he has developed”

“Hey, my brother! (William Vandry) As always your technical knowledge is immersed in great wisdom. It is refreshing to see that I built a disciple who grows not just in the nuances of the art, but who also cultivates the spirit in it. I am blessed to have such an awesome Black Belt student, and yet an instructor and educator with a wisdom that I both share with and learn from. Keep those blogs coming!”)

“His (William Vandry) Austin-based gym is a hotbed of refined students who often compete for the Machado Team at different tournaments in the U.S”

“I want to drop a line and thank all Vandry BJJ students for their great support last weekend. My brother Rigan and I were honored to have such a wonderful crowd. Thanks to brother William as well for opening the doors for us!”

“Dear Vandry BJJ Friends, Students, and most importantly, disciples of a true community in the martial arts Machado Lineage. I want to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support to your instructor, to my family, and to the principles of what we strive for. Dedication, loyalty, and respect. This is a long-term relationship that will last for generations to come. And I am proud to say you are part of it!”

“We talk a lot (Carlos and William), he has a lot of good ideas, and we exchange.  He is very innovative in the way he trains, and he has developed a lot on things very unique that on his his own research of Martial Arts it was almost like I have had the privilege to know William for almost ten years and he always been part of my life and is also one of my best friends.”

Master Rigan Machado (8th degree Black belt BJJ) on William Vandry:

“Brother Vandry! Thank you for the opportunity to meet so many nice people among the students who are part of your academy! Carlos has made you a great martial artist, but your talent has brought you to a level that few people might experience. You inspire others as you pass the teachings we learned so closely from our relatives. It is a history that continues to this day, not only of building, but preserving a legacy that will reach far into the future. We are all making it happen right now! Now, go train some more!! Does some of the X guard drills you learned when you visited me in California, some years back! Take care, my brother!!”

Professor John Machado (6th degree Black belt BJJ):

“With William, he was really tested. With his accident (overcoming a severe head trauma in 1997 and returning to BJJ) we knew William before, he was already training with us. And to be put in his shoes is beyond anything. How he (Vandry) came out of this (head trauma and back into competition years ago), I think is an example for everyone (overcoming and returning to BJJ), he became the teacher. He is amazing!”

Professor Roger Machado (6th degree Black belt BJJ)

“Good technique (On William’s moves), keep up the good work!”