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Professor William Vandry grew up with a military family, and learned to support the military during holidays, support, and remembering soldiers by his parents. Prof. Vandry has worked with the legally blind and visually impaired in support since 1998. Vandry has taught at Criss Cole and the Texas school of the Blind students Jiu-jitsu clinics to overcome blindness during clinics to teach how to overcome. Students of Prof. Vandry are in law enforcement as well, and Vandry formed a VCATS (Vandry Combative Arrest Tactics) program for law enforcement officers dealing with hand to hand scenarios.

Vandry community support for U.S military

U.S. Army soldiers awarded William Vandry Army flag in picture along with award (See pic 5 US combat flag award presented to Professor William Vandry for his support of US troops, morale on America’s war on Terrorism). 5th degree BJJ black belt Professor William Vandry is one of the strongest Martial arts supporters of the US Military in the world. Vandry grew up in a military family, his father was a CSM in the U.S. Army, and military support was a philosophy Vandry followed since his childhood whether for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wounded Warriors, Army Combatives tournaments, speeches or support. Vandry has supported soldiers with Jiu-jitsu associations, training and support as a Martial artist.
“My parents used to have 15-20 soldiers over our house every Thanksgiving and Christmas when I was very little. I learned about morale, support and never forgetting a soldier or leaving them behind on a holiday, but more importantly never forgetting them or leaving them behind at all.”
– Professor William Vandry

December 2014 William and Chandra Vandry, guest speakers at Blinded Veterans Association Christmas luncheon at VFW, Vandry’s present BVA with $500 check to support our veterans

Thank you letter from BVA-STRG President to William and Chandra Vandry for serving Blinded Veterans

                                                                               2007 US Army awards to William Vandry:  

SGM Geoff Dennis on behalf of Camp Mabry US Army military base in 2007 presents Professor Vandry with the Army combatives Certificate of Appreciation community award at military tournament.
Vandry BJJ Army Association with patch. Army awarded Vandry this flag
Warrant Officer Giac Liac presents Professor Vandry with US Army Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of support for Military on behalf of CSM Johnson and LTC Eberhart of 2nd Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment
US Army awards Wiliam Vandry award for supporting US Army, and along with this Certificate also awarded William Vandry the flag that was used when this Company conquered an enemy engagement and location in Afghanistan to show appreciation for Vandry’s moral support for the soldiers.
US combat flag award presented to Professor William Vandry for his support of US troops, morale on America’s war on Terrorism
Soldiers high Morale with Vandry BJJ
Vandry Association with the US Army in Afghanistan to support the soldiers, and the soldier’s morale with Jiu-jitsu classes, t-shirts, magazines, DVDs. Soldiers in respect to Vandry for morale, post Vandry logos on Army trucks tanks, offices, etc.

(1997 Ft. Hood Sentinel article on William Vandry teaching free seminar to Military community)

In 1997, William Vandry taught a free Jiu-jitsu clinic to the soldiers and family members of Ft. Hood, Texas. The seminar was a packed 100 in attendance, and Vandry lectured on the importance of Martial arts, Jiu-jitsu, and more importantly how his students at that time were mainly military soldiers who needed exercise for stress, morale and to develop and refocus their energy.

Vandry community support for the Legally blind

2015 Camp challenge Texas school of the blind
2015 William and Chandra speak to blind students on goals at job fair for the blind
2014 Vandry BJJ camp for TSBVI, $900 grant to School of the Blind
2013 Texas School of the Blind awards William and Chandra Vandry thank you

2013 TCOB award to William and Chandra Vandry and Vandry BJJ

“When I work with blind students, my goal is to communicate with them, open up and let them know I know what they are going through, and to learn its ok to reach out and talk to others. From there, I show a few moves in Jiu-jitsu. In fourteen years, each clinic I teach with blind students ends the same way–they don’t want to stop wrestling!” – Prof. William Vandry In the Martial arts, students develop a sense of physical fitness, well being, self defense and confidence in their abilities. As Vandry BJJ supports law enforcement and the military through Jiu-jitsu, we also support those that have more obstacles to confront. William Vandry is a supporter of the blind and visually impaired, and believes in overcoming blindness. Those who endure sight disabilities have difficulties with seeing, walking and learning physical styles. Jiu-jitsu for the blind develops balance, timing and a better self confidence.

2012 Camp Challenge self defense clinic

The Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) within the DARS Division for Blind Services is a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation training facility working in partnership with consumers to help them achieve their employment and independent living goals. Serving as a residential adult training facility in Austin, CCRC offers comprehensive training in core skills such as orientation and mobility (O&M), Braille, Daily Living Skills/Career Development, technology, Adjustment to Blindness Seminar, and advanced career guidance. CCRC was named in honor of Judge Criss Cole, who lost his sight while serving as a Marine during World War II. As a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1955 to 1962 and the Texas Senate from 1963 to 1970, he was instrumental in improving services for all people with disabilities. Contact information to Criss Cole is available on their website: http://www.dars.state.tx.us/dbs/ccrc/ Vandry has worked with blind groups since 1998, and has taught Jiu-jitsu clinics at the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center since 1999, and sponsored blind students at his academy. Vandry has also taught self defense clinics to the Texas School of the Blind.
The TCOB has awarded a Grateful Recognition of Contribution from Vandry Academy in 2013:
2013 award to William Vandry from Texas School of the Blind
TCOB P.E. instructor Kristine Seljenes practicing flying armbar on Prof. Vandry 2012
Prof. William Vandry works with blind students 2013

William and Chandra Vandry with Vandry BJJ students at 2013 Camp Challenge Jiu-jitsu clinic

Vandry community support for Law enforcement

DPS award to William Vandry for teaching VCATS Law Enforcement Program 2003
VCATS (Vandry Combative Arrest Tactics and Strategies)
BJJ Black belt William Vandry designed VCATS (Vandry Combative Arrest Tactics and Strategies) for law enforcement officers designed around arresting, apprehending and detaining suspects or criminals in “live” scenarios. VCATS, which involves not a sport strategy or patient style, but more of an aggressive style to subdue or pin suspects in whether standing or on the ground to arrest and detain. Vandry originally started teaching law enforcement officers in 2000 and designed a program for a non-sport, no-gi style. The VCATS program has been designed around information of law enforcement deaths based on statistics from LAPD and more specifically, Texas agencies statistics involving confrontations, results, safety and results involving a struggle. Vandry has conducted seminars for local and out of town Police Departments, DPS / Highway Patrol units, and even security companies in and out of town.
Vandry teaching APD VCATS 22003 and 004
Vandry teaching law enforcement officers in VCATS clinic 2011
Vandry teaching handcuffing techniques to police officers from various cities.
Dept. Public Safety Texas Troopers 2003 award
Support law enforcement officers!

Vandry support for our Charitable community

As a Martial artist, and supporter of community, William Vandry supports, and asks to support those groups that are truly altruistic.  William and Chandra Vandry give back to the community, and always believe to not forget those less fortunate, and preserve their dignity.
December 2015 Vandry serves children and community along with volunteers and sponsors
December 2014 Vandry sponsors less fortunate Christmas
2013 Christmas for children