William Vandry second quarter association seminar guest instructor Master Carlos Machado in attendance




Master Carlos Machado and Professor William Vandry

Students drilling seminar techniques


The 2013 William  Vandry B JJ Association’s second quarter techniques developed butterfly guard to variations of sweeps, guard defenses, recovering the pass, and developing elbow locks and variations of submissions.


VBJJA community

Professor William Vandry, a fourth degree Black belt under Carlos Machado, formed his own association in 2003.  The purpose of the WVBJJA was to develop Jiu-jitsu progression to his students, and to reach out to students outside of Austin and Texas.  Vandry first met the Machados in 1995, and began training with Carlos Machado January 1996.  Vandry traveled weekly three hours to Dallas participating in group classes and private lessons.  These difficult distance training for a majority in Texas motivated Vandry to develop a system of BJJ with a formal belt format and associations to promote BJJ in Texas and other states.


VBJJA community

“My instructor asked me to help him spread BJJ in 1996.  Every time I teach, I remind myself why I am doing this.  I hope to keep my school in Austin growing, and to support my association schools by teaching clinics in their areas and to promote the art of Jiu-jitsu.  My quarterly associations were a way to develop a way to develop new techniques and develop styles faster.”  Vandry said.

Master Machado commented on facebook about visiting Vandry’s academy in Austin:

“Coming to Austin is like visiting home.  Thank you to my dear friend and loyal disciple William Vandry and his students for the wonderful time and experience while teaching at Vandry’s BJJ Academy.  It is refreshing when you find great talent and camaraderie and true friendship all at the same time and at the same place.  For those who missed this opportunity, make sure you be ready for next time….  There is no other place I would rather be in this beautiful town than Vandry’s Academy.  It is more than a school, but a family place.  Thank you all and look forward to our next time.  On another note, what a great honor to be present to witness and award first degree black belt to Ted Osborn and Ed Aiken and Jay Hume.  You guys are the cream of the crop and forever part of our Jiu Jitsu Family.  Thank you for your dedication and unwavering loyalty.  Thank you also to Jen and CJ for their incredible support,  success is a team effort, and the seminar could not have been without you guys.”

At the clinic, Vandry awarded three first degree Black belts to Jay Hume, Ed Aiken and Ted Osburn.  All three men have trained under Vandry for years, and earned their black belts in 2010.

Professor William Vandry, 1st degree Black belts Ted Osburn and Ed Aiken, Master Carlos Machado



VBJJA students at seminar


Advanced session of seminar pic

 If you are interested in learning Jiu-jitsu, please contact the academy at 512-585-1289 or stop by for more questions at 8650 Spicewood springs rd, suite 123.