William Vandry 3rd quarter VBJJ Seminar

Professor Vandry answering question on escaping back mount chokes

September 2013 VBJJ quarterly seminar in Austin, Texas.  Professor William Vandry taught his third quarter BJJ association seminar.  Fellow Professor Marcos Santos assisted at the seminar.  First degree Black belts Ed Aiken and Manny Galvan also assisted.  The clinic taught by Vandry demonstrated new chokes from the side when opponents escape and how to control the shoulder wrist area.

Additional moves were recovering the triangle choke, including opponent passing the triangle or when in a smashed position while triangling.  Students developed drills, and training ensued.

Vandry stated: “I want to thank Mr. Aiken and Galvan for their support as well as all of the wonderful scientists that attend our clinics. It’s very endearing to have close to 60 students attending our sessions and their scholarly desire to learn more.  We as instuctors need constant research in our practice and teaching and this allows us to give new information and tweaking like my instructors taught me.  I want to also give a special thanks to Professor Santos from DFW for his support and his students.”

The next WVBJJA quarterly clinic will be in December.