Professor William Vandry visits Brownsville, Texas Association

October 19 was a full house of Vandry BJJ Association students in Brownsville, Texas.  Professor William Vandry taught at Manny Galvan’s Brownsville, Texas Association school.  Brownsville was the first Association school under the William Vandry BJJ Association formed in 2003.  Vandry’s association is designed to reach out to students in areas of Texas and other states that did not have an instructor or training course to develop BJJ skills, and belt ranking.

The Texas Valley area has three associations under Vandry in Brownsville, Brownsville-Harlingen and McCallen.  Manny Galvan is the instructor at Galvan’s Martial arts in Brownsville, Jesus Armas is Brownsville-Harlingen instructor, and Bob Davis is head instructor in McCallen.  Vandry taught at Bob Davis’ academy in April earlier this year.  The McCallen Monitor television show interviewed Vandry and Bob Davis:

The seminar passed its two hour time frame, with students still training almost four hours.

Vandry plans to teach four times a year in the valley to promote Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, the philosophy and newest strategies and techniques.

VBJJA Black belts Jesus Armas, Professor William Vandry, Manny and Martha Galvan