William Vandry February 2014 Women’s Jiu-jitsu clinic

February 22 2014

Saturday was over two hours of training women balance, coordination, overcoming awkward self defense scenarios, and developing a higher level of confidence.  Professor William Vandry began teaching women’s self defense clinics in 2002.

2-22-2014 womens seminar

Professor William Vandry teaching women hand to hand techniques

Vandry’s self defense clinics for women are designed for higher self confidence, developing better fitness, ability to defend against attackers, and to become a better Martial artist.

2-22-2014 womens seminar4

Vandry teaching the Women’s flying armlock

2-22-2014 womens seminar5

Women developing hand to hand defense

2-22-2014 womens seminar6

Standup choke defense

2-22-2014 womens seminar8

Thumbs up for training!

2-22-2014 womens seminar9

Vandry plans to add more Women’s hand to hand, self defense clinics.  He plans the next one in late March: “I have requests for women, and many call, or visit, but they are intimidated at times training with men.  I have women in my classes, but at times I need to introduce their potential when doing clinics like these.  I develop counters to being overpowered, and then the fun starts with positions to finish with armlocks and chokes.”

For more information on future Women’s self defense clinics, and Women’s classes, please contact William Vandry at 512-585-1289 or stop by the academy at 8650 Spicewood Springs Rd, Suite 123 at the intersection of Spicewood springs and Mcneil road in Austin, Texas.

Vandry’s training seminars for women have been taught in different parts of Texas.  Here are past seminars for women: