William and Chandra Vandry speak at Blinded Veterans Association Christmas luncheon South Texas Regional Group (STRG) at San Antonio VFW



December 20, 2014, San Antonio DFW

The Blinded Veterans Association provides assistance through service programs, regional groups, and advocacy before the legislative and executive branches of government that makes life better for blinded veterans by encouragement and support.  The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) was founded March 28, 1945, and chartered by U.S. Congress August 27, 1958. It is exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of the USA blinded veterans and their families.


William and Chandra Vandry present $500 to the Blind Veterans Association STRG chapter, San Antonio

The Christmas lunch for the BVA featured the Color guard for opening and closing ceremonies.  In attendance were the BVA national President Mark Cornell, BVA-STRG President Walley Guerra, BVA-STRG Vice President Jose A Cotto, BVA-STRG Secretary Elbert brown, Audie Murph VA Hospital Visual Impairment service team coordinator Ronita Jones, and active duty soldiers from Ft. Sam Houston.

Special guests were the Wounded Warriors from Fort Sam Houston and William and Chandra Vandry, who are co inventors of St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM pain product, speakers of Got Pain clinics, researchers on the legally blind, PTSD, nutrition, pain and inflammation.  The Vandry’s are sponsors of their Summer project each year at the TexasSchool of the Blind. William is a 5th degree Professor in the Martial art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Master Carlos Machado and Chandra is an R.N. in neurology and allergy.


William and Chandra  Vandry with two Ft. Sam Houston Wounded Warriors and great soldiers for our country

BVA-STRG President Wally Guerra invited William and Chandra Vandry  to address Military Veterans with different conditions of legal blindness, and  research on nutrition.  The speech  discussed:

1)  Retinitis Pigmentosa

2) Study from Harvard shows Vitamin A Slows Retinitis Pigmentosa1

Reference: 1 June 1993 Archives of Ophthalmology


3) Opthalmologist Dr. Ronald Pugh on Macular degeneration

4) Dr. Ronald Grisanti Research on carnosine and cataracts

5) Research on patients who have been left partially blind by a stroke

6) PTSD,  and

7) Nutrition for the Brain


 Blind Veterans Association STRG chapter President Walley Guerra and William Vandry


Mr. and Mrs. Guerra of BVA STRG


BVA Veteran, VA Hospital Visual Impairment service team coordinator Ronita Jones and Chandra Vandry

BVA members discussed their own health, occular diseases, and more information on research.  William and Chandra Vandry presented the BVA with a check for $500 to support the San Antonio chapter, Veterans in general, and to support the military.  If you are a Veteran who is legally blind in South Texas, you can contact BVA STRG President Wally Guerra at:

South Texas Regional Group (STRG)                                                                                                                                                              Blinded Veterans Association (BVA)                                                                                                                                                                       San Antonio, Texas 78217



Or the National BVA contact: