William and Chandra Vandry with APD and our sponsors thank you for giving to those less fortunate


“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

– Acts 20:35

My wife Chandra and I humbly thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, caregivers for those less fortunate, and to provide not simply gifts for Christmas, but to make a difference in people’s lives that can change them in a positive direction. First, the event could not have been successful without our organizers of all our philanthropic missions, so a big thank you from Chandra and I to:

Sgt. Drabek (APD)
Officer Rodriguez (APD)
Corporal Davis (NMMP)
Jen Smalley

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First, I will champion a cause about some great law enforcement officials.  For example, Sgt. Drabek and Officer Rodriguez along with others in our group have worked tirelessly in helping to formulate and sponsor some of our projects with a true, altruistic personality that we hear very little credit for.  Both of these APD officers along with some of my DPS, Travis County officers have volunteered for years working with projects Chandra and I sponsor such as working with the blind, blind military soldiers, the impoverished, the poor, the needy because it’s the right thing to do.  They don’t get medals for those, but they get the Vandry thank you.

In addition, we thank the following sponsors below. We give thanks to Old Settler’s Dental office for providing toothbrushes and floss for children that don’t have any. Thank you to the very kind Dr. Zavala, who was gracious enough to provide those during a rushed last minute.


Chandra, Austin from Kerbey land and me


My awesome wife about to load up 60 Kerbey burgers

We thank Kerbey lane restaurant for their generosity. Chandra and I needed to feed about 42 children. I know from past charity projects, when you say 40, that means 60.


Don’t worry, snacks until you get seconds!

I went to order all natural hamburgers and french fries to go from a company. They then told me they could only send me gift certificates due to the large order.  My wife and I frequent Kerbey Lane restaurant off 183.  I was praying that maybe they could cook a bunch of hamburgers and fries asap.  I called, and spoke to Austin, who is the managing partner.  I know he and Leo, and they are really nice guys.  I asked Austin if there was any way he could create 60 hamburgers and fries to go.  I told them I would pay for it, whatever he wanted.  Austin knows of some of Chandra and my philanthropy projects in the past.  In September he was very supportive of our Got Pain? clinics on nutrition for pain, inflammation, degeneration, etc. we lecture on for free.  Austin asked me what was it for? I told him Chandra and I year around have projects we sponsor for the legally blind, homeless, impoverished children among others.  I told him it was a project we were providing food packs, gloves, socks, toys and other needed items for the kids.  Austin told me he and his partners also have kids.  He expressed how much he supported Chandra and my projects.  He put me on hold and then got back on and told me:

“William, come back at 4:30pm, I will have your 60 food packs ready to go.  Don’t worry about it, we know how tough children have it, and we are going to sponsor this for you.”

Wow. Sure enough, Chandra and I came, picked up the food to go, and Austin, Leo and Kerbey lane, thank you!  Austin texted me to check to make sure it was enough and emailed me stressing his support for community in this email:

“…Mr. and Mrs. Vandry,

We are very excited to be helping the kids of the Vandry Hope. The entire Kerbey Lane family believes in supporting our community wherever we can. This includes working with United Way and Capital Area Food Bank, just to name a few. We may be simply providing hamburgers, but it means the world to us to help those in need. I’m sure anyone would agree with me in saying providing a meal to homeless children is one of the greatest needs of all. In addition to this, we already know you and your family are valued guests of our particular location. We view this as not only helping the kids, but helping out a friend and member of the extended Kerbey Lane family. We thank you for thinking of us in your time of need…”

Thank you Kerbey lane!

I asked the kids to give a thanks to our food sponsor.  Sorry they misspelled it, but we get the message!


Whew.  That was a close one. Our thanks to Austin and Kerbey Lane for not worrying about profit, or even any publicity.  He just told me it was something they believe in.  Now luckily Chandra and I also purchased many more packs of natural peanuts, pretzels to accommodate seconds, extra hungry little ones who deserve to be provided food, and as well as many parents who were there.  All in all we got over 80 kids there, and we managed to provide food, food packs to go.  Each pack we provided for all kids had:

toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
toys for Christmas
crayons and book
reading book
2 organic juice drinks
non gmo pretzels
low glycemic chocolate bars
non gmo dried fruit snacks

cmasgift cmasgiftk

cmas10 cmas11

Smaller children all had crayons and coloring books, toys for Christmas, and teens received hats, reading books and teen card games like Go fish, etc.

Whenever we work on Christmas projects, my wife Chandra reads the kids the Christmas story ‘The night before Christmas’. You can tell these kids don’t get enough of this.


Here Chandra along with our friends feed the little ones, and add ketchup upon request!


These kids below wanted to talk about their education!  One of them has a deaf mother, and he knows sign language to communicate.  These kids deserve a chance.


Below, APD’s finest Sgt. Drabek, who has done so much voluntary work with the less fortunate with Chandra and I, and also teaches with us at the Texas School of the Blind camp we do each year.

cmas9 cmas7

I personally don’t think good work with the less fortunate is getting a gift and giving it to him.  Most impoverished children have so little, not even enough food in their housing, so gifts can be great, but I have spoke to other groups that like to get together and ask for people to donate a gift, wrap it and give it to them so they can give it out to kids.  To me, that may be very common, but its a bit impersonal.  I got to speak to children about goals, about education, and achieving them.  Also nutrition and hopefully future projects we will be able to do.  I also spoke to parents about nutrition, health, and their own goal setting.  I had two Moms that told me they would like to get an education.  Now we’re talking!

Special thanks to Jeannette Guerrero Benavides, Carolyn Velasquez and Corrina Flores for their work there, and to Jeanette, who I remember the first time I spoke with her on the phone, she was so teary eyed, and wanting to help all these children.  We will do more work together in the future.

My friends, students and colleagues all know me, and how I am.  I do believe in philanthropy, and as a Martial artist, our Jiu-jitsu comes from the Japanese, and there was a code of the Samurai or Bushido code.  This code was an honor system required of Samurai.  The third code is one I have practiced my entire life.  Very rarely do you get thanks in life, but that’s not why we do it.  We do it because we want to make a difference.  In Beyond “benevolence” this character can be also be defined as “charity” or “mercy”.  The deeper meaning suggests that one should pay alms to the poor, care for those in trouble, and take care of his fellow man (or woman).  This benevolent-related word translated as perfect virtue, selflessness, love for humanity, humaneness, goodness, good will, or simply “love” in the non-romantic form.

Professor William Vandry

P.S. And special thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers below!

Corporate Sponsors

Old Settler’s Dental, Cosmetic, Implant and Family Dentistry
Kerbey lane restaurant
Austin Police Department
Shaw Surgical services inc.
Lake Travis Jiu-jitsu Club
Armas Jiu-jitsu
Vandry Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM
The Noble sandwich
Advanced Chiropractic Center
Ranch Road Consulting inc.
Henna Chevrolet
Waugh Jiu-jitsu Academy

Individual supporters and Sponsors

Sgt. Drabek (APD)
Corporal Black (APD)
Officer Rodriguez (APD)
Officer Portnoy (APD)
Officer Easley (APD)
Corporal Davis (NMMP)
Adam Brandl and family
Michahl and Maryann
Jonathan Tate
Matt Serfoss and Cheyanne Rolf
Slade Foster
Donna Smith
Anthony Skaff
David Necessary
Roberto Tijerina
Scott and Karen Shaw
Pat Vanover
Markus and Alex Lagmanson
Richard and Amber Stephens
Patrick Storer
Justin Toler and family
Jeremy Leigh
Andy Arigulin and Cyndi Chambers (DPS)
Katherine Johnson
Jesus Armas and family
Elliot O’Hara and family
Phillip Moss and family
Johnny Zavala and family
Mark Kanda and family
Josh Travieso and family
Steve Teas and family
Jarred Manbeck and family
Ian Haynes and family
Nan Chang and family
Chi and Jen Poon
Patrick Storer
Jim Nagle and family