Vandry BJJ community 2015 year in review


By Professor William Vandry

Wow!  What a year!  2015 is gone, and we have new goals for 2016!  All the new students, and old students who have been such a large part of my community, academies and all those who give their support to their community are worth their weight in gold!  Ok, so lets look at what happened last year:

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Our first quarter was a blast with a packed house, and five new BJJ black belts: Josh Traveso, Ian Haynes, Jeff Anderson, Michael Drabek and Jesse Armas.  Also First degree black belt award to Matt Serfoss.


First Vandry BJJ Father and son Black belts Jesse and Jesus Armas!


You can’t be a top level black belt without your better half supporting you!

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Our Community party was awesome with the best people in the world!

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Mauricio had to show how our St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM can handle a black eye in 32 hours!



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Packed second quarter association clinic, with three more Vandry BJJ black belts, my Captain from the old days Jared Manbeck (my first student), Pat Vanover and Jonathan Tate!

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Our fourth BJJ camp for the Texas School of the Blind and Visually impaired students!  Always my community makes a difference in a blind person’s life when we eliminate blindness on the mat of Jiu-jitsu.  APD Sgt. Drabek was on the way, and CO Sabin and Officer Rodriguez spoke to these students about the reality of self defense.

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Students doing well in some tournaments in 2015!

Thank you letter we received from the Blind Veterans Association from San Antonio for Chanda and I speaking to them on nutrition, sight and research.

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Our Third quarter Association clinic, packed house (Thank you to all my community support), guests Professor Marcos Santos and Master Carlos Machado.  Friday night was my  opening on Leglocks, great training!  Black and blue gis for Friday.  Below white gis for Saturday.





Our second Got Pain? expo with Chandra discussing pain, inflammation, nutrition and many other topics researched.

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Chandra, Jen and I teaching our Women’s MMA clinic!


Halloween at the Comicon, Chandra and I as Superman and Supergirl!  Gotta be in shape to get in these costumes!

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Chandra and my support for children and those who are less fortunate that deserve to be lend a hand, and helped back into society.  My great volunteers and sponsors thank you!


Thank you letter from Jeanette.

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Packed fourth quarter Seminar Vandry BJJ students and associations!


UFC Christmas party

Thank you to all of my students, friends and community.  2015 is gone, and now we have more goals for this year, and more reaching out to those searching for a true Martial arts community of Jiu-jitsu!

Professor William Vandry