Professor William Vandry’s View- April 2012 St. Jude’s Miracle Oil at the 2012 NPC Texas Shredder Classic Expo!

William Vandry in vendor booth busy with pain complainers in life!

soreness. Stress. Irritation. Allergies. We all get them, and in my article on, I have a similar article discussing my new product that has been recently made, and is also filed with the US Trademark and Patent office.

Co-vendor for St. Jude’s Miracle Oil, Nurse Chandra!

As many know, my product was a motivation due to two of my students that had major hip and knee surgeries that I found is relieved with essential oils.  As an athlete my entire life, I always remember the injuries.

Professor Vandry at the vendor booth with St. Jude’s Miracle Oil!

I developed my product I named after my patron saint, St. Jude, the patron saint of miracles and lost causes.

I developed this product for a reason.  For Cooling, Soothing, Relaxing and Uplifting effect. Many of us have stress, missed a night of sleep, twisted an ankle, have a headache, drank too much caffeine or didnt drink enough water. Those and many other things break down.You have to take a humble approach in life.  Dealing with injuries can make a person fret, or simply try to find a way to overcome.

My wife and I got our feet wet by attending Diane Hurley and Dave Gooden’s Texas bodybuilding competition called the Texas Shredder.  I enjoyed Diane and Dave’s ideas, and their promotion of natural bodybuilding.  I myself have always promoted natural means of diet, nutrition, and supplementation in life.  Diane and Dave (owner’s of the Austinpopular gym Hyde parkgym promotes their Texas Shredder, and I thought the level of natural bodybuilding has jumped so far ahead, and I saw the great competitors.  More so, Diane had a handicapped division of bodybuilders, but I didn’t really handicapped persons competing.  It was a great development of three bodybuilders who just happened to have had a handicap, not handicapped people doing bodybuilding.  The crowd went absolutely berserk, and I cheered for them myself.  What motivation.

Handicapped competitors of the Texas Shredder 2012 with Guest Poser: Nick Scott, Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder


Women’s fitness division (William Vandry photos)

Chandra and I enjoyed speaking with many people in our booth at the expo to promote the oil.  As a Martial artist, and someone who does bodybuilding and powerlifting training at the gym, I really enjoyed the good karma among the competitors, and people like Dave and Diana.  Dave is a pro bodybuilder in the IFBB, and Diana is an NPC judge, promoter of the Texas Shredder Classic & Texas State Natural body building shows in Austin TX, is a fitness model, She is also a recent breast cancer survivor who has become a very inspirational writer and blogger about the cancer journey.

I had a busy day with interested people approaching our booth.  I would say almost each person that came to my booth stressed they had stress, tension, migraines, knee pains, and shoulder injuries, etc. which are typical of people who bodybuild or lift weights.  A  We let each person try the oil using the method of armatherpy, and they wanted to use the blend of essential oils on their particular discomfort, and I am happy to say we had a 100% success rate at relieving much of their stress, pain, etc., to some that actually completely relieved within 2-15 minutes.

Chandra and I had a great time observing the competitors, meeting the promoters and staff, and most of all, we were very pleased to observe the effect the oil had for many people who stopped in our Vendor booth.  We see our oil working very well, and look forward to 2012!

Professor William Vandry

3rd degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, AND the inventor of St. Jude’s Miracle Oil!

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  1. Great time, and we enjoyed the show, talking about Jiu-jitsu and especially the SJMO!

  2. People are funny- one woman came to us with a terrible migraine, William applied the oil and within 5 minutes she was raving about how her migraine was gone and nothing had ever worked like this before. Then it came to actually purchasing a bottle and she said “I’ll have to think about it.” Wow. Give people and miracle and they only want it if it is free. This product really works, and does not destroy your liver or tear up your stomach like ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin. They may be cheap drugs, but they are not harmless. Jude’s oil is actually good for your body in so many ways. Guess people have to decide what a miracle is worth.

  3. That’s very cool William and Chandra! Thanks for sharing that. Those are some inspiring stories. Oh, and the wheels on that guy’s chair in the picture are awesome!

  4. Chandra is totally correct. Now dont get me wrong, 99.9% of everyone who came with a pain issue we allowed them to try a few drops of the oil. Everyone had success, but when I reflect upon two people at the expo, one was the woman Chan is referring to, I really couldnt believe it. She approached our booth with her eyes squinting, and she just said: “I have migraines and pain all the time.”

    Ok, so we let her try it, in about a minute, another person came by to ask and I told her to give me one minute I will be back with her. She screamed out: “Oh my God, Oh My God…my pain is gone, my migraine is gone…”

    you would assume this person has had chronic migraines for probably years I assume. We were there mainly to demo the product, but we did have some in case someone wanted to purchase it. So I told her we did have some if she wanted some to use later. Wow. “I’ll have to think about it.”. Whewwwww, dont know what to say.

    Ok, the second one was a woman with migraines, and had chronic knee pain, I think the miniscus tears may have been in both knees. She was in a lot of pain, and asked me if it could help her knees. I said: “Lets give it a shot.”.

    I then let gave her a few drops, she applied them to her knees, then a few more drops for her headache. Ok, in about two minutes, her headache was gone, and she said her knees were already 50% better. She said she wanted to wait to see if both of her knees would be totally healed. I did tell her that she cannot be cured of any condition she has had for years within a few minutes, although I knew a majority of her pain would subside. Ok, so she comes back about an hour later, she seemed to be walking faster, more erect was her body, and she seemed more alert. Since her headache was already gone within two minutes, and her knee pain was 50% gone within a few minutes, I assumed she was coming to tell me she felt great…or thanks…or something positive.

    She came back, looked at me, and said: “It got on my nails….”, and then walked off….wow. Well, at least our product can deal with pain and inflammation, doesnt work very well for gratitude….I saw a tv show of a judge once…he said a saying: “No good deed goes unpunished….” ok, thats what it means….

  5. Hey Wes, yeah, we did have good time. Diane, who is the promoter is a really nice lady, who has been fighting to overcome cancer. Her NPC Texas Shredder bodybuilding contest was very well ran, and she also promotes the natural means, and drug tests. I was telling my daytime class, because everyone is asking me about my own tournament this year. We will definitely drug test each competitor, I agree with people like Diane, we should keep the drugs out of tournaments. You would be surprised in world championships how many people would pass. Other than that by the way, Diane got to use it herself on some knee injuries. She liked it too. She is a really nice lady.

  6. Some people just don’t know what they’re missing. I’m the last person to want to try anything new (as some of you may know) and I’ve tried it and use it anytime something goes wrong. My nails look great even when I get it on them and the cool tingly feeling seeps into whatever pain I have and makes it go away. I love seeing St. Jude’s out in the world like this.

  7. William Vandry

    LA, I just got a haircut, and a hairdresser had a migraine. I politely gave her a couple drops (the salon was next door to my business), and she has arthritis on her right hand. In two minutes, she was smiling, her right hand pain was gone and she not only bought a bottle, she asked me every piece of detail on health, nutrition, training…etc…BTW, she may do some personal instruction and of course I referred her to you, so if she ever comes by I will let you know..

  8. William Vandry

    Note to readers, Nurse Chan and I will be attending the Yoga festival for alternative health products, I will post more info, we look forward to that and one more bigger one.

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