31 thoughts on “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 8th Degree Red & Black Belt Carlos Machado Discussing 3rd Degree Black Belt William Vandry”

  1. William Vandry

    Very honored to hear this review, and listen to my mentor when he reflected our 16 years of Jiu-jitsu.

  2. super legit!!! master machado and professor vandry. two awesome instructors and my lineage in bjj! if you all dont know Professor William Vandry is a super evil genius mastermind for leglocks and bjj all together. ive trained all over the country with alot of different grapplers but Professor William Vandry is by far the most unique and innovative instructor that i have met. im very proud to be part of his legacy!

    Emmanuel Jose Galvan
    1st Degree Black Belt
    VBJJA South Texas Regional Director

  3. First day I met Professor Vandry, the leg lock he put me in was something I did not know was possible(i obviously tapped). I immediately became so excited, I think William(professor Vandry) was thrown off by my reaction. Something sparked in my mind that I knew I was in fact around the highest caliber of jiujitsu practitioners in the world. Thank you Professor and RCJ Machado

  4. Master Macado says it so well. Professor Vandry has such a unique vision in BJJ that he sees angles that most people would never consider. I love how he continually develops techniques, practices them, perfects them and then shares them with us. Im honored to have both of these men in my martial lineage. Thank you Professor Vandry and Master Machado for sharing your knowledge and years of experience with us.

  5. Great interview, Professor Vandry has always been an innovator in the BJJ community. He carries on the Machado stance on always exploring and forever expanding his knowledge of BJJ. Lucky for me I get the privilege to be on the receiving side as one of Professor Vandry’s students. Thank You Mestre Machado for recognizing his efforts. Professor Vandry is a direct reflection of the greatness that is Mestre Carlos Machado.

    Machado JJ / Vandry BJJ for life!!!!!

  6. Derek Richards

    As an old Vandry student from the days of the Killeen and Temple rec centers and the glorious red wrestling mats, this is an awesome video. Cheers to you both!

  7. It is always awesome to be able to confirm my BJJ lineage, hearing Master Machado’s endorsement is awesome.

  8. It’s great to be a part of such a distinguished lineage! Looking forward to the next seminar to learn some more of those innovative techniques!

  9. Master Machado’s words are all true. Professor Vandry continues the Machado lineage with honor. Can’t wait for the next Quarterly Seminar.

  10. That’s a great interview! Master Machado’s recommendation is awesome! Congratulations!

  11. There is no one I would rather train with. Machado’s are world class and so is Professor Vandry. Very proud to be part of the lineage.

  12. Excellent interview. Master Machado’s comments are right on as usual and the insight into professor Vandrys history is great to hear.

  13. Its a great honor to be part of the great Machado lineage, and learning BJJ from one of Central Texas’ greatest black belts – Professor William Vandry. I really couldn’t have picked a better group to start my BJJ journey with. Here’s to many more years of greatness.

  14. It’s great to be part of William’s school and Vandry Jiu Jitsu. I’ve trained under a few instructors and he’s been the best and the guys at the gym are the best I’ve been around. Hat’s off to William and Carlos – the best!

  15. Great interview! It’s an honor to be part of this community and have William Vandry as a teacher on and off the mat.

  16. William Vandry

    My mentor began a dream in December 1995. He intended to create a legacy in Jiu-jitsu. He charged me with the duty to start an association in 1996. I was a blue belt at that time, and he convinced me to form the association to help him spread BJJ in Texas. I look now 16 years later, and I see my dream has simply expanded upon his ideas. I look now at my associations, the community, the sharing, and the best students I could have ever wished for. I have all of you to thank as well. And we have goals each year to develop newer ideas of BJJ technology, better drills, helping white belts develop faster, and more importantly to always remember how we always have a duty to help our fellow student and friend.

  17. I’ve been training with William Vandry for the last five years. Great man of the game, great mentor and is there for you when you need someone. He is a true friend and there for you in times of need. Much love- see you on the mat!

  18. If he wasn’t the instructor that he is, as a female student, I would not have trained here as long as I have. In a sport that can be conceived as rolling around on the floor with a bunch of sweaty guys, it truly is about respect.

  19. It wasn’t until I met Master Machado and observed Professor Vandry with him, that I realized the significant impact that both of these instructors make on each other. It is an awesome sight and I am honored to know them both.

  20. Great words from Master Machado…. it’s truly an honor to be part of the lineage…

  21. Cool Deal William. Right on all points Master Machado. William does have the spirit. Thats why we all like coming back.


  22. Cool video. A very unique relationship between Master Machado and Professor Vandry both on and off the mat. The knowledge and environment that they have built to share with others is amazing. Thanks!

  23. Carlos Machado

    From the time I became an assistant instructor (back in Brazil, in 1980) up to the moment I was able to rank my first ever Black Belt students (in Texas, June of 2002) several years have passed (22 years between 1980 and
    2002). Having my student William Vandry become part of that distinguished group of first ever Black Belts under me was a proud and happy moment in my life as an instructor. To watch him grow and flourish as an individual and great instructor and mentor on his own right is even more gratifying. Like a quote I wrote not too long ago, “…greatness can only be measured by the
    quality of a legacy”… ! If I am to judge if my work is good, the work done by William Vandry definitely leaves a mark in the degree of my legacy. I could not be better represented!

    Yours in the Martial Arts,

    Carlos Machado

  24. Its an honor to train under Professor William Vandry and to be a part of such an incredible lineage. Powerful words from the Mestre and this was an outstanding tribute!

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