Vandry BJJ Seminar in South Texas valley

November 17, 2012 – Professor William Vandry taught a seminar at VBJJA Black belt Manny Galvan’s academy in Brownsville, Texas.

Drilling, developing the hook flip, to the sprawl, to the x guard and submission locks from the X, including William Vandry’s created leglock the ‘Zapruder leglock’ was well received, and each student was able to develop, digress and absorb the drills.

Vandry broke for a Question and Answer session to appeal to queries on each student’s specific game, and to problem solve escapes, submissions and strategies in each BJJ game. Vandry stated:

“I have attended many seminars in my student days, and even now. I think seminars teach drills well, but when I teach, my goal and intent is to give each student a piece of data and information they needed for their particular game. Drills, and sparring are all great pieces of seminars, however we ultimately need more data to progress our BJJ techniques and game when sparring. I feel we were very successful and I had some great questions. I drilled over the 3 hour time our techniques, corrections, questions and drilling. My goal was to pace everyone in a sense that they were not brain dead from lack of glucose or sugars during a clinic. Many times in the past I remember after hour one, I couldnt think, I would try to remember drills when I was a white belt. I realized that your brain needs a two minute break with some hydrating drinks and then back to keep going. I was so surprised how fast thre hours went. I also enjoyed breaking down questions and mental strategies. I stated that at times you just feel like your game is going nowhere or you are getting worse on the mat. I had two students who told me today they felt that recently training. The solution is to review your techniques, and just like Windows 95 vs todays update, you need newer data and strategies. I am very satisfied that both of those students told me the drills we did helped them now crave new angles and techniques and are over that hump.”

Manny and Martha Galvan, two VBJJA Black belts under William Vandry, hosted the seminar. Vandry will be teaching his next seminar in Austin, Texas on December 1, 2012. This will be the VBJJA quarterly seminar where all association members and Austin students attend.

2 thoughts on “Vandry BJJ Seminar in South Texas valley”

  1. Thanks for a great seminar Professor! I loved the question and answer portion. It broke the traditional seminar format and allowed us to work through individual issues. Our hosts were fantastic and it was good to see our BJJ family. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you Jen! I enjoyed the questions as well, and I feel the goal to overcome technical stalling points was achieved!

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