Prof. William Vandry teaches seminar at new Association school Cedar Park BJJ


February 2, 2013

 On Saturday Feb. 2, Prof. William Vandry taught Jiu-jitsu to a filled mat of students from Cedar Park BJJ, located at Nunan’s Martial arts academy.


William Vandry Purple belt Michael Leigh hosted the seminar, and is the association representative in Cedar Park.  Vandry taught the clinic with a special focus on setting up armlocks from the guard when the opponents are defending or resisting.


“Many times armlocks or submissions from the guard are abandoned if there is a larger, stronger opponent.  Grandmaster Carlos Gracie, the founder of BJJ and my the Machado brother’ uncle who married their aunt, was a small man around 140lbs.  He was very effective from his back, and was actually a flexible, talented man.  He showed the way to keep this philosophy and strategy of BJJ.  I also want to thank Mr. Michael Leigh  and Master Hoke Nunan for hosting me, and Mr. Leigh for opening a new chapter in our association.”


The seminar was a very positive official opening for Cedar Park BJJ.  Martial artists from different styles attended, as well as Judokas and wrestlers.  One of the attendees commented:


“I have trained BJJ with instructors.  I enjoyed the detail and breakdowns of techniques that helped me to learn it more thorough.”


One student who is a law enforcement official commented:


“These techniques are great.  I wish I knew these things five years ago.”


For more information contact Cedar Park Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Instructor

Michael Leigh  (BJJ Purple Belt) at:

2051 Cypress Creek Rd. suite A, Cedar Park, TX. 78613

Located inside Nunan’s Martial Arts on the corner of Cypress Creek Rd. and El Salido

Schedules for upcoming seminars are:

February 9

The Pit Academy, Austin Texas

March 2

Vandry BJJ Academy quarterly seminar

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