William Vandry 2013 BJJ year in review


Thank you for another great year!!  2013 is getting ready to close, and we look forward to growing, and reaching out to more martial artists at our academy and association schools in the USA.  I want to thank each and every one of our students, and representatives.  Enjoy!

Professor William Vandry



Cedar park seminar


Austin seminar


Association seminar

McCallen Bob Davis academy association seminar below



Assocation seminar with guest Master Carlos Machado

Seminar pic

Quarterly seminar


Quarterly seminar

article photo5

MMA seminar

article photo2

MMA seminar

I am very proud to see students grow.  Two of my students and loyal black belts achieved their first degrees.  Ed Aiken and Ted Osburn received them, and Master Carlos Machado was in attendance.

1st degree


December 2013 Association seminar

Teaching at the Texas School of the blind

Being legally blind is challenging in many ways.  Unlike any other handicap, sight limits a person in small areas such as walking across a street, or just trying to grocery shop, let alone do daily chores.  I was very fortunate to teach another year of self defense at the school of the blind. I myself understand the challenge of overcoming visual impairments, and I was very proud of the students who were able to accomplish Jiu-jitsu techniques and overcome their impairments with techniques!



Chandra and William Vandry with Vandry assistants and TCOB legally blind students


School of the blind award to William Vandry

TCOB award1

We had some success in tournaments this year.  Despite limited training, our students with crash course training, drills and tournament strategies were successful.  Congratulations in two tournaments earlier this year.




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  1. Thanks for another great year Professor! We’ve had so many great techniques and lessons learned this year. Many blessings to you and all my fellow BJJ addicts as we embark on a new year!

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