March 5 Vandry BJJ association seminar, chokes and escapes!



Tony Es, Jeff Anderson, Ted Osburn, Jesus Armas, William Vandry, Ed Aiken, Mike Drabek, Jeremy Leigh, CJ Johnson


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Thank you to all of my students!!  I had a great time at our recent Association seminar.  For all of our out of town associations and black belts, thank you for your support for our community.  Jiu-jitsu is a martial art predicated on defeating the larger opponent.  Grandmaster Carlos Gracie designed his blueprint we all follow to this day on the guard, escapes, sweeps, counter attacks, etc..  I get motivated to work on new development in Jiu-jitsu.  There will be times when I spend literally a year working on something new sparring each class, assessing how the progress of a technique is developing.  Counters are one of my favorite techniques to work on.  We developed cutter and bat chokes, as well as escapes.  Many in Jiu-jitsu are so skilled, that they don’t worry about working on bad positions.  I like to work on those first.  Side, mount, back, submission escapes are a never dying energy I have had since I was a white belt.  When we worked our escapes, you have to know the breakdown of the submission first.  I lecture to students quite often that escapes are like taking a spark plug out of the engine of a car.  This way the car cannot work.  I enjoyed the questions, and the counters to cartwheel passes.  I want to thank my senior belts, and for all the wonderful support from my students.  Seminars I begin forming officially in 2003.  I design an in between development of techniques to ‘catch up’, or ‘speed up’ a student’s abilities as opposed to simply drilling techniques they already know.

Keep training, look forward to the next one!

Absorb and think,

Professor William Vandry

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