Vandry BJJ Associaton warriors have winning weekend!

VBJJA teammates Chris Kirk and Danny Taki at NAGA

August 13, 2016

Competitors in Mixed martial arts, No gi grappling and Gi Jiu-jitsu competition were successful competing this weekend in Austin, Texas.

Vandry Association Lake Travis Jiu-Jitsu club’s (Lakeway) child student Seth takes Gold at NAGA!


Vandry Association Austin Academy students Max Lash two Gold medals, with best friend Chris Kirk, one Gold, one Silver.

Chris Kirk with Vandry Teammate Danny Taki, Danny taking Silver in No Gi, and 4th in Gi.

Vandry Association Brownsville Academy (Armas Jiu-jitsu) student Abraham Vela again dominates No gi divisions in tournaments, taking Gold at NAGA!

Chris Kirk’s best Joe Rogan imitation when someone gets put to sleep!

Congratulations to all the VBJJA students, and to coaches Jesus Armas, Elliot O’Hara, Markus Lagmannson, Justin Toler and others for helping these students in preparation!

The next event was a Mixed Martial arts event in Austin, and Lake Travis BJJ club student Ben Bourland fought a much taller opponent Travis Stanchek.  The fight was at Emo’s Austin event center with full nightclub commodities.  Ben won a split decision, and both fighters had good heart.

VBJJ Lakeway Coach Elliot O’Hara and Ben Bourland

Ben Bourland and Professor William Vandry

Opponents, and friends after fight.  Ben Bourland and Travis Stanchik

Victory after fight!

Emos MMA Honorious Fights staffer Armando Vargas and Justin Toler in VIP section!

Armando and I

Chandra, Elliot and Justin at Emos supporting Ben!

My friend and Emos MMA event promoter Nael, and good person who works with the less fortunate

Congratulations to our VBJJA schools, instructor and students for all the hard work, research, practice, study and honoring our Martial art of Jiu-jitsu and our lineage!

If you are interested in BJJ, competition, striking and developing skills, please contact a Vandry BJJ academy in your area.  Go to our associations page for more information:

William Vandry