Miracle oil serves community at Austin Diagnostic Clinic Health Fair


William Vandry with new friend and consumer

Vandry hope foundation attended the Austin Diagnostic clinic fair at the North Medical Center.  We brought the Miracle oil product, and our Vandry BJJ academy.  We were able to sample the Miracle oil product with these consumers:

Consumer 1, Elaine

11:34AM, Elaine has arthritis in her knees, and can only squat about an inch.  We applied the oil, and at 11:39AM, Elaine was smiling, feeling better and able to do a full rock bottom squat.  I then asked her to stand up on one leg, one at a time.  I then had her doing jumping jacks, and playing boxing drills to show her mobility and relief of pain.  Elena said she tried cortisone shots, and tried everything before.

Consumer 2, Barbara

12:04PM, Barbara has bad arthritis in both knees, and she cannot grip very well.  I have her test a coconut water bottle, which she cannot squeeze.  She has pain.  Two minutes later, Elaine had pain relief, and squeezes the coconut water bottle, then grabs her friends hand, then grabs the table no pain.

Consumer 3, Ginger

12:50 Ginger stated she has arthritis.  We applied to hand, and she felt relief within a minute, and states her arthritis “Is gone!”

Consumer 4,

12:32PM, she has chronic arthritis, and her arthritis is in the knee due to knee surgery on both knees.  We apply the oil and 12:37PM she walks without her cane.


You can go to our Vandry Hope website at www.vandryhope.org, and for more information on St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM product, go to www.stjudesmiracleoil.com.  In addition, you can also go to our facebook pages



And to view video of our consumers, you can go to Miracle oil at facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/132501736829734/