Professor Vandry’s View- BJJ black belt William Vandry seminar a hit, packed house

BJJ black belt William Vandry seminar a hit, packed house

Professor Vandry teaching at seminar

On June 2, 2012, the WVBJJA held its second 2012 quarterly association seminar.  The seminar is taught each quarter for members of the William Vandry BJJ Association.  These seminars allow out of town students to be updated with new ideas, techniques, theories, questions, and to also train with cousin students from other towns or cities.

Vandry began his association in 2003, and has held a seminar each quarter.

VBJJA Representatives in pictures

“I had a dream in 2003 to develop a community among my Jiu-jitsu students.  I always believed in community.  As a third degree Black belt and one of the highest ranked black belts in Texas, I also feel I have a responsibility to maintain my own education, and constantly develop new techniques.  It is very pleasing and overwhelming to see 75-100 students at these seminars.  Seminars seem to desire to grab anyone who they can get to attend.  I feel the audience should be those students you know, and who maintain their education yearly with you.”  Vandry said.

12-2pm First session seminar photos of students

2:30-4:30pm Second session seminar photo of students

September 1, 2012 is the next exciting VBJJA clinic in Austin, Texas.

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9 thoughts on “Professor Vandry’s View- BJJ black belt William Vandry seminar a hit, packed house”

  1. Thanks for a great seminar Professor! Loved the new moves and great time with all of our out of town students. I can’t wait for the next one in September!

  2. Another excellent seminar! Professor has a great ability to show a series of techniques and how they can flow together, leading to infinite possibilities.

  3. Thanks again for the hospitality and making us feel super welcome. Prof. Vandry has always given great seminars with a different angle to get the mission accomplished!

  4. This was another fantastic seminar, it was great to see all our brothers and sisters from other cities. I tried to roll with as many as possible. Great times with great people! Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. As always never disappointed with the techniques that professor William Vandry teaches. This was my first time visiting his school in austin and it was an excellent experience being able to train with other members of the association as well as being part of one of the best bjj teams. I’m looking forward to visiting next time.

  6. I personally learned more about teaching from the questions and feedback from all the attending students. My grateful thank you to all that attended and support my cause to develop new angles, ideas of the 21st century Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! Thank you to all of my associations, students and staff for the support and to constantly grow something larger than each of us..our community of Jiu-jitsu practitioners and students!

    Professor William Vandry

  7. Great clock choke variations! Thanks to William as well as everyone that worked with me!

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