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Recently I had the pleasure to host my mentor, Carlos Machado at our September quarterly Association seminar. The energy and teaching of my mentor reinfuses what I have always believed-give your student information and data, but always keep pushing the envelope as an instructor. When we teach in BJJ, many times techniques can get stale or behind the times. I note that fundamentals should always be stressed, and especially during testing. Earlier this year we had a testing phase where some senior students were so focused on advanced techniques, at times other techniques need to be constantly reviewed.

When Machado teaches, he and I train in private. The development I have received from him for almost 17 years is training, developing ideas, sharing principles and techniques as well as researching. This has taught me to do the same with my students. When I develop new angles or ideas, whether they are a new escape, submission or counter, after I develop it for months and hone them, I then pass them to my students.

At times we train for different reasons. At times it is simply stress relief for just sparring. At times it may just be technical review. At others, it may be a long day at work and just need to be around your training partners. At the last seminar, I was very happy to see five of my students who have had chronic injuries not related to their BJJ class, but injuries they have had for a long time. They still attended. They came by to support our Association, and to visit Carlos Machado. This support is great. And it also supports the desire to develop, research, and simply attend data sessions. At times students like this still attend class, they take notes, and they understand they will be back. I also suggest to read our new article here by my mentor Carlos Machado. The article is named “A brother’s tip”, and it is his reference to his advice or points on developing he has given to me for 17 years. He made an excellent note on the same subject of these type of students. Please read his article here on this website.

Absorb and think,

Professor William Vandry

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  1. It was great seeing everyone at this seminar. Whether they were hurt or not, all you could see was smiling faces of family complete with hugs and laughter. The Vandry community is incredible and I am honored to be a part of it. Thanks Professor!

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